• Image of Mesa Boogie Mark IV Kemper Profile Pack

This is the first Stymphalian Productions profile pack that has been merged with the 3.0 firmware!

The Mesa Mark IV Kemper Pack contains 15 profiles in total, spanning across various styles from lush clean tones to balls out thrash.

The profiles are -

JS-MIV Abyss Clean
JS-MIV American Metal
JS-MIV Burning Lead
JS-MIV Classic Crunch
JS-MIV Classic Thrash
JS-MIV Dream Clean
JS-MIV Heavy Crunch
JS-MIV JP Rhythm
JS-MIV Kraken
JS-MIV Precision Metal
JS-MIV SGT Slaughter
JS-MIV Smooth Clean
JS-MIV Thrash Angel
JS-MIV Tight Mark

Note: You WILL need firmware 3.0 or above to use these profiles!