• Image of Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Metal Pack II

After popular demand the Mesa Boogie Dual Rec pack II is out! Still the same '92 Rev F Rectifier but now through a Mesa Traditional cabinet utilizing a tighter bottom end and more aggressive pick attack.

Included in this pack are profiles boosted with the classic Maxon OD808, unboosted and also the VFE Pedals Focus, a killer boost i've been loving recently....and in addition to the classic SM57 setup i've added a couple of AT250DE (dual element) microphone profiles in there! (Great for blending in some extra midrange)

This pack contains 21 profiles in total.

*Please note: You WILL need a Kemper in order to use these guitar sounds! These are FULL RIG profiles so these will work with any firmware version not only 3.0+*

Recorded at Stymphalian Productions, York, UK by James Stephenson.